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You don’t even like sugar that much, but you spent hours upon hours tasting all types of different flavoredsugary cakes and smelling all types of disgusting to beautiful smelling flowers before you finally decidedon a gorgeous cake or centerpieces for your wedding.Everything is set up perfectly on your wedding day. The only problem is that your cake is in the corner,and no one can see it that well. Same for your centerpieces. That’s a shame!!.We can definitely help solve that problem.Our magnetic low profile LED wireless pinspots will highlight your centerpieces, cake, head table oranywhere of importance with a concentrated soft beam of light that looks absolutely amazing and doesn’thave any of those ugly circular flashlight edges.And who says all pinspot lighting have to be in White?It is YOUR wedding, so you are in full control. We will give you what YOU want!.If you want your pinspot lighting to be in blue, teal, gold, green, even pomegranate, you got it!Pin spots can add magic to the lookof an item. High light and shadow is what gives us visual interest.Just imagine having an individual pin spot on every statue in a museum. Perhaps a pin spot on everyrose in an Italian Restaurant. Better yet, without a pin spot a mirror ball just isn't that magical!-LouieLumenPlease create a Pricing section on the page$45 plus tax per Pinspot fixture with a minimum of 4.



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