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indoor cold sparklers

Whether its your company's grand opening, conference, christmas party or maybe you are just awesome and are having a humongous private event. We are more than equipped to create a beautiful ambiance at your event. With over 300 high powered LED lighting fixtures, Monogram projectors, Intelligent Lighting, Moving head fixtures, and High quality pipe and drape services, we have more than enough equipment to provide different types of ambiance at a venue that can hold at least 3000 people.
Call us TODAY. Let us discuss how we can tranform your event.

Pictures & videos of our Large events lighting work.

Uplightimg and monogram projection at the TopCoder Open. November 9th  - 13th 2013. 

Conference/Competition to determine the world's top computer coder and programmer.

Sponsored by: Google, Facebook, IBM, Yelp, NASA, PocketGems and more.

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